These are products I own and use either daily or most days.
Product Our comments
Dark Star Roaster Coffee

We love roasting coffee and are offering it to Deadheads everywhere!
Each bag contains single-origin coffee and is roasted just past first crack. We love it. You will too.
ChemEx pour-over coffee maker

Makes the best coffee you've ever had.
ChemEx pour-over coffee maker with filters

Same as above but with paper filters.
Product My comments
Asus MB16AH Portable External Screen

This is an awesome external screen. Comes with a great case that becomes a stand. It works great on Windows and Mac
Anker 555 USB-C 8-in-1

I push gigibytes of network traffic, video and audio data through this. It has never failed me!

Although I am not a gamer, I love these headphones. It has a USB receiver so no drivers required. Always works.
MSI 27" monitor (G272QPF)

Awesome monitor. Highly recommend.
Brother ColAura label printer

Great printer for printing color labels to stick on things.
Monoprice Networking print server

Perfect for managing all those wireless printers that don't play well with WiFi (I'm looking at you Brother laser printer!)
Bluetooth -> stereo converter

I use this to blast shows to my whole house from my phone through the stereo.
Ubiquiti EdgeRouterX

This is the best router I've ever used for the price. This thing has been a total work-horse for me for the past several years.
Ubiquiti Access Point Lite

These access points are awesome. You'll need to have a server somewhere in your network running Ubiquiti's network applicaiton to provision and manage them.
Product Our comments
Santa Cruz Strings (low tension)

These strings produce one of the clearest quality sounds I've ever heard. Highly recommend.
Santa Cruz Strings (medium tension)

Same great strings as above, but this is the medium tension version.
Shubb SD1 capo

Over the years I've tried every shape and style of capo; these are the best.
Petrucci Picks

I love these picks. Not too soft and whimpy sounding (I'm looking at you expensive Martin picks), not too harsh. Great dynamics possible. They are great for all kinds of flatpicking: Bluegrass, leads, rhythm, Carter Scratch, etc.
D'Addario sound hole tuner

Perfet for stealth tuning between jams.
D'Addario EJ11 light strings

Kind of an old stand-by if you'd rather not pay for the superior Santa Cruz strings above.